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Our Philosophy​

Canvassing Happiness Ltd teach Art to Children and Adults​

‘You won’t find another Art class that is run by working artists with such immense passion to share their dedication and skills. 

You won’t find another art class where children will be creating a Fortnite character painting one day and a Van Gogh style textural landscape the next.

You won’t find another Art class where students get to use stencils, acrylic paints, fabric paints, patterned papers and magazine clippings, textural scrap items, polyfilla, oils, inks, gouache and vintage photographs to create original pieces of art.

"We love to share our passion for Art with the students. Watching them grow in confidence is incredibly rewarding"

The importance of art for confidence and character building.

Canvassing Happiness believe that creative opportunities stimulate curiosity, creativity, and imagination, and can support the development of children’s communications skills.

Being creative helps children and adults cope with their feelings and fears, as well as managing their emotional states. it is proven that not only is creativity good for well-being, it can also lead to a fulfilling career. The UK has always prided itself on our visionary creatives. The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK economy, contributing over £100 billion every year. That is greater than automotive, aerospace, life sciences and the oil and gas sectors combined.​

The Canvassing Happiness Team

Zoe Oliver


I am Zoe Oliver (Acrylic Artist specialising in painting Abstract Animals in acrylics) living in Liphook. I became a fully fledged artist in 2014  and I rediscovered a passion for Art through my children.

At that time I started art classes from my kitchen with a strong emphasis on learning through fun and inspiration.

I like to let the students unwind and enjoy Art. I want them to have the freedom to create what they want within guidelines, experimenting with a diverse range of media with nothing holding them back from having a go.

It’s hugely rewarding for me and the students. It can get a little crazy!

We survived the pandemic and delivered highly successful Zoom workshops for the children but we are so happy to be back in person, now operating from two sites so we cover both Surrey and Hampshire.

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Sophie Claret​

I am Sophie Claret (Mixed media Artist and Mentor). I joined Canvassing Happiness in 2019

I have always been passionate about Art and Design throughout school and my career. I started out as an interior designer but since children I have returned to my raw artistic roots and have been taking my own commissions focusing on people and pet portraits.

Two of my children joined Zoe’s Holiday Art workshops in 2016. I was so inspired by the dedication, love and enthusiasm she had for her Art classes and her students. I couldn’t help but want to be part of the Canvassing Happiness ‘World’.

Zoe is a warm, deeply passionate and charismatic person to be around. I was particularly drawn to her unique teaching methods which filled her students with such confidence right from the start!

My goal has always been to promote a relaxed and fun approach to art. Since I started my Art workshops from my kitchen 4 years ago I have tried to encourage children and adults to join in lots of interesting Art activities to help foster and develop their creativity.

We want to give our students the tools, information, and inspiration to help them connect and grow through creativity and continue to encourage experimentation at home

I set up Canvassing Happiness in 2016, the same time as I decided to focus on being a full time artist As an artist and a mentor you have the unique ability to inspire people…to help them become artists, critical thinkers, decision makers and creators.

I love to share my passion for Art with the students. Watching them grow in confidence is incredibly rewarding.